Wednesday, May 23, 2018


So many pet shops,so many brands but still you feel empty .No one has that personal touch everyone is looking at you as just a client and business ,then here we are !  join with us and you will never feel you are alone . We feel your pet and your problems is our responsibility and we never neglect you . Pet parents have so many questions and doubts and they hesitate in talking with their vets , but we are totally different open up your heart and feel the difference we will be a part of you . Let it be choosing a new pet for first time pet owners or any other questions , never hesitate in talking with us .Planet Animal Hospital is not just a hospital it is a wellness center where you can visit for routine checkups to grooming and experience us to feel the difference .WE SHARE A SPECIAL BOND WITH OUR PATIENTS SO WE DON'T CALL THEM CLIENTS 

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