Saturday, May 26, 2018


We come across clients who don't want to get their pet's treated after knowing our fees but already take complete consultation , here I would like to warn the pet parents that you are going take consultation from a vet who has spent almost more than ten years of education and later many years of practice , how can any one expect to do complete consultation free of cost and later if we insist on payments the client start abusing and insulting vets . We have seen crimes against human doctors rising in India and we don't want to create the same scenario in our pet health industry, so I appeal to all pet parents to have faith in their vets and please respect them and never abuse or insult either directly or in the social media ,as our intention is not to cheat you but to guide you and advice which is most essential for your life of your pet and for this rightfully we can expect our fees as this is not a charitable hospital .This happened today with a client who was an owner of a Pug who was suffering from chronic skin infection due to food allergy , we don't mind treating free to stray dogs and most of the times we do it, but today's scene is not expected from a pet parent of a PUG .We respect patient doctor relationship so lets hope this doesn't happen in future

Thursday, May 24, 2018


The one who has taken birth in this world is going to die one day. This is also true with our beloved pets and though the nature has given the same feelings and emotions like humans to our pets but the nature has not given the same life span ,so we have to see our pet companions dying in front of us and after their death ,we loose all energy and with an  empty mind thinking what I should do with the life less body of my pet .So there is an urgent need of PET CREMATORIUM in the city of thane.Recently Pune Municipal Carporation started in Pune so on the same lines it can be started in our city.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


So many pet shops,so many brands but still you feel empty .No one has that personal touch everyone is looking at you as just a client and business ,then here we are !  join with us and you will never feel you are alone . We feel your pet and your problems is our responsibility and we never neglect you . Pet parents have so many questions and doubts and they hesitate in talking with their vets , but we are totally different open up your heart and feel the difference we will be a part of you . Let it be choosing a new pet for first time pet owners or any other questions , never hesitate in talking with us .Planet Animal Hospital is not just a hospital it is a wellness center where you can visit for routine checkups to grooming and experience us to feel the difference .WE SHARE A SPECIAL BOND WITH OUR PATIENTS SO WE DON'T CALL THEM CLIENTS 

Monday, May 21, 2018

There are so many pet parents rising in Thane city . But I feel what is lacking is pet awareness as people just buy pets and end up in abandoning him. Here we are playing with the emotions of the pets as they find it difficult to forget their first owners and become sad for life. Humans are selfish they always apply"use and through policy "but animals are very clean minded and find it very much difficult to adjust with a new person and a new home and then they loose interest in life.So before buying or adopting one must be very sure he or she is really keen in spending their next 15 years and dedicate  them sacrificing their self interest so this is not repeated again  .As a vet I guide them not to go soon for buying a pet but  spend active time at a pet resort,pet hospital so they know the complete picture ! 
I am so happy to declare the world that this is my first blog. I want to be very transparent in sharing my feelings with all of you. I know you all are great pet parents ,people associated with animal welfare, working in pet and livestock industry. But there is one thing common between all of us we are all animal lovers. I have seen many people who wear a mask of animal lovers but they  can not hide their human identity and keep working for self interest that weakens the pet welfare movement . So I will be very open with all of you in sharing my views !